Maintenance Wash $65


This package keeps your vehicle looking pristine. Depending on the use of the vehicle we can set you up on a monthly or bi-weekly program.

*In order to start this program you must receive a Express or Showroom Detail.

Express Detail $85


This is for the cars that are fairly clean, and just needs a little TLC to get it back to its pristine condition.

• Exterior Wash
• Clay Bar
• 1-Month Sealant
• Rims Cleaned
• Tire Shine Applied
• Vacuum
• Dust All Cracks and Crevices
• Quick Wipe Down of Doors & Dashboard

Showroom Detail $185


Restores your car to showroom finish (Interior & Exterior)!

• Exterior Wash
• Clay Bar
• 3-Month Sealant
• Rims Cleaned
• All Exterior Trim Shined
• Tire Shine
• Vacuum
• Clean & Condition Dashboard & All Doors
• Clean All Windows, Cup Holder & Dust All Cracks and Cervices

Wash, Clay, Seal $75


This package brings back the shine to your car, and more importantly it protects the paint.

• Exterior Wash
• Rims cleaned
• Fenders/Wheel Wells Clean
• Clay Bar Treatment
• 4-6-Month Sealant
• Tire Shine Applied



Leather Treatment- Starting at $50
Restores Discolored Leather 

Upholstery Shampoo & Extraction – Starting at $75
Deep Steam Clean using out Hot Water Extraction method. 

Paint Correction- Starting at $200/per stage 
Restore Paintwork back to like mirror finish. (Removing Scratches, Swirls & Oxidation) 

Basic Wash & Vacuum-Starting at $40

Ceramic Coating- Starting at $250
Adding the ULTIMATE protection to your vehicle. Protecting the paint, vinyl wraps, windshield, leather, carpet and rims for years rather than months.


Headlight Restoration [A Set] - $75
We use the professional method of restoring headlights. Our process involves: Wet Sanding, Compounding, and Polishing. And last adding protection to the headlights.


Restore All Exterior Plastic Trim - Call For Pricing
Restores Faded Black Trim