One-Time Auto Detailing Packages

Marine Detailing

Ultimate boat care is necessary for the longevity of your vessel. Cost varies per vessel. Please contact us to receive a free quote.

Marine Detailing Includes:

  • Mold & Mildew Removed

  • Seats Cleaned

  • Non-Skid Cleaned

  • Storage Container Cleaned

  • Hand Scrubbed & Floor Brushed

  • 4 Month Sealant Applied (Interior & Exterior)

  • Light Exterior Polish to Remove Light Oxidation

Window Tinting Services

Having an expert set up your car’s window tinting is the best way to maximize your money. Avoid unskilled retailers or DIY kits that settle for substandard materials and often lead to a messy, bubbly, or subpar finish. We offer reliable window tinting services and only use the best film on the market, Llumar Window Film.

Sun Strips

Starting at $50 (SUVs an additional $40-60)*

*Pricing may vary based on vehicle size and film shade.

Residential Window Tinting

Increase your home’s privacy and reduce your energy consumption even with the blinds drawn! Window tinting is available for single family homes, townhomes, and living facilities.

Commercial Window Tinting

Give your commercial building an elegant look while maintaining on-premise privacy and enhanced security. Heavily used by office, retail, and medical buildings but available for all types of commercial facilities.

home window tinting services tampa

Paint Correction

We completely restore the vehicles in our care back to optimal shine and luster, leaving a swirl-free finish. How? Our add-on specialty service for paint leveling is an intensive process of wet sanding, compounding, and polishing the clearcoat. The result “shaves off” the top layer of scuffed up and dried out clearcoat bringing a fresh, smooth layer to the surface—often buffing out minor scrapes in the paint, further enhancing the look of your vehicle.

Reliable Detailing & Tint Clay Bar Treatment




Removes up to 50% of defects from vehicle paint (scratches, oxidation, swirls, etc.).

Compound & Polishing



Removes up to 75% of defects from vehicle paint (scratches, oxidation, swirls, etc.).

Full Correction

Full Day

Cost Varies Per Vehicle

Removes up to 99% of defects from vehicle paint (scratches, oxidation, swirls, etc.).
Reliable Detailing & Tint Commercial Window Tinting

Ceramic Coatings

Starting at $250

After perfecting the paint to a flawless finish following the showroom detail and/or paint levelling, it is best to protect the vehicle using a Nano Coating (“Hard Coating”). By opting for this speciality service, the professional-grade coating will help to protect the paint on your vehicle for up to 7yrs. In addition, Nano Coating is available for glass, leather, cloth, and wheels to help extend the life of other parts of your vehicle.

Additional Services


Cost Varies Per Vehicle

Leave last week’s (or month’s) lunch in your car? Perhaps your young child spilled milk on the seats? Or maybe you’d like to sell your car but occasionally smoked inside the vehicle and now you just can’t get the smell out of your car no matter what product you use.

We remove foul odors using an Ozone Machine. The Ozone Machine emits a gas that eats away at the odor molecules within the vehicle. Even the smell of cigarette smoke!

car odor removal service
Reliable Detailing & Tint Attentive Detailing



Nothing is worse than being caught in a Florida storm or having to drive at night with dim headlights. Over time, headlight covers can become “foggy” and most DIY cleaners are ineffective, or some model of vehicles have difficult to remove headlights, making DIY more stress than it is worth.

Through a tried and tested auto detailing process comprising wet sanding, compounding, and polishing, we can restore your vehicle’s headlights back to its crystal-clear finish.

Engine Bay Detail

Cost Varies Per Vehicle

Caring for your vehicle goes far beyond cleaning the interior and exterior of the vehicle. There are some parts under the hood that can greatly benefit from an expert detailer’s attention.

Our Engine Bay Detail completely degreases and scrubs the engine bay compartment free of buildup and is followed by a thorough rinse. Once the compartment is dried, we apply a protectant to all surfaces of the engine bay to prevent extensive future buildup.

engine bay car detailing
sb3 alpha 5 year ceramic coating

Black Trim Restoration

Cost Varies Per Vehicle

Time, elements and sun exposure can put serious wear on the exterior of the car. An intense detail from a reliable company can help most vehicles look showroom ready. However, some vehicles need a bit of extra care along the trim to truly revitalize the look and colour of the black exterior trim.

As an add-on to our detailing process, we’ll thoroughly clean your black trim and then apply our signature black trim restoration application. This product completely repaints and protects your black trim for years.

If you want your car to look better than new then take it to Caleb. He took the time to make my car shine with a ceramic coating that is amazing! Inside and out it is spotless. I will be using Reliable Detailing & Tint again.
Debbie Rossmiller
Debbie Rossmiller
12:07 19 Jul 19
Caleb does an amazing job! He has detailed three of our vehicles and a friend's boat. We have used many other detail places and he is by far the best. Two of our cars our on his maintenance schedule and they have never looked better! Highly recommend!
Siana Brennick
Siana Brennick
17:15 15 Jun 19
Caleb was PHENOMENAL! Not only was he incredibly nice, but his work is astounding. He brought my car to a level of clean that probably hasn't happened since the car was new off the lot. I highly recommend paying him a visit!!!
Paris Deckert
Paris Deckert
12:46 16 Jun 19
Caleb detailed my wife's 2002 BMW. His attention to detail was outstanding and he really brought this older car back to life. She was thrilled and now I think she will be happy to keep driving it and not be so worried about looking for a new car!
jim hirz
jim hirz
10:55 28 Jun 19
I would highly recommend Caleb! He is EXTREMELY professional and does an amazing job. When he was finished with my car looked brand new!
Deb Tinker Figlewski
Deb Tinker Figlewski
14:31 15 Jun 19
Caleb took care of the tinting on my car, looks fantastic! My car doesn't get as hot anymore and looks great from the outside. I highly recommend Caleb!
Nate G
Nate G
18:45 01 Aug 19
Great service and easy to use! Caleb is very friendly and carefully explains available options for your detailing service. We scheduled a detail for my husband's vehicle on a Saturday morning and he showed up right on time. We worked quickly and thoroughly to leave the car back in shiny, clean condition. If your vehicle needs a nice, deep cleaning, skip the drive-thru car wash and call Reliable Detailing & Tint!
Kim Ruiz
Kim Ruiz
21:35 26 Aug 19
Caleb came to our house two different times to clean our old jeep and my personal/construction work truck. The jeep had not been cleaned since we bought it, when he was done, it looked like brand new, its a 2003. My truck needed a good clean inside, it was like the day I drove it off the showroom when he was finished. He is hard working, good communication, he is hear when he says he will be, and you won't be disappointed if you use him. My wife needs to do hers next!
Jrny Fanz
Jrny Fanz
19:14 26 Aug 19
Caleb is awesome. No matter how hard my kids try to destroy our van he makes it look like we just drove it off the lot. I love that he comes to you so I can still get things done around the house while the van is made like new again.
Jennifer Carroll
Jennifer Carroll
17:35 26 Aug 19
Highly recommended for ceramic coatings AND interior/exterior detailing!! Caleb has been cleaning multiple cars & boats of mine for some time now and I cannot express enough how pleased I am every single time he's finished. Polite, professional, timely, & attentive to details is what makes Caleb at Reliable Detailing & Tint the best in the business!!
Robert Donaldson
Robert Donaldson
18:25 26 Aug 19
I can't give Caleb and Reliable Detailing & Tint enough stars! He's always super flexible with scheduling... and finds a way to get me in his schedule even when I call last minute. He always goes above and beyond with my vehicle! Caleb's services are the best in the area as far as I'm concerned!
Jade Rodriguez
Jade Rodriguez
19:47 26 Aug 19
Caleb is great at what he does and his customer service is that of excellence! He comes to you and makes sure you are satisfied and informs you of any issues. Convenience/Quality/Reasonable Pricing....Caleb's Reliable Detailing and Tint company is for you! I will be arranging for my next service soon!
Dana Hughes
Dana Hughes
15:06 27 Aug 19
Caleb did the ceramic coating on my 2018 Camaro a year ago, and did a fantastic job. I was so impressed with his professionalism, and his complete honesty, I had him tint my windows a year later when he started offering window tinting. Recently, he did my 1 year check and made sure my coating was up to par, and that my warranty remains in tact.I also had him do the window tinting on the same car. the front two windows on my wife’s Nissan Pathfinder.I have never personally used Caleb for detailing of my cars, because I usually handle that myself. However, if he handles his detailing as well as he handles his ceramic coating and his window tinting, I’m sure you’ll be pleased. He really does a fantastic job, and takes great pride in his work.
Will Bratz
Will Bratz
18:16 02 Sep 19
I highly recommend Caleb for ANY of your auto detailing and ceramic coating needs. It's hard for me to trust people touching my cars and Caleb took good care of my BMW M2 with a polish and ceramic coating job. The car is like a mirror and he did such an awesome job that I had him do my Rav4 and Mustang GT. His attention to detail along with great customer service will keep me coming back for more ceramic coating! Don't look anywhere else....give this guy a call and protect your paint!
Anthony Webb
Anthony Webb
16:59 26 Aug 19
Caleb does amazing work. He’s cleaned our cars several times and I appreciate the detail he puts into his work. He knows exactly what type of scrub or brush to use based on the surface he’s about to clean. He knows what cleaners work best with different parts of the car. He leaves the car spotless without any swirls. You can tell he takes great pride in his work. I highly recommend Reliable Detailing and Tint.
Dr. A
Dr. A
15:44 24 Sep 19
If you are looking for showroom shine, look no further than Reliable Detailing & Tint. Caleb has an excellent eye for detail, and made our Navigator look like it did when we first bought it, straight off the showroom floor! It rained a couple days later, and the water beaded and rolled right off. You can trust Reliable Detailing & Tint for your vehicle to look it's best!
19:24 19 Nov 19
Highly recommended! I messaged them late at night and they responded quickly...they were able to work me in within a couple of days even with short notice. When Caleb came out to clean my big truck he was very polite and professional and did an excellent job on my truck! I will definitely be using them again!
Nikki Simmons
Nikki Simmons
00:14 06 Dec 19
We had the driver's side and passenger's side front windows of both of our trucks tinted recently to match the other windows. We enlisted Reliable Detailing & Tint to do the job. A great job was done and in about the time they said it would take. Instructed us not to put down the windows for a couple of days and to not worry about any lingering bubbles as they should take care of themselves. But if they didn't to call back and they'd be taken care of. No issues and we're completely happy! Thank you so much RDT!