Reliable detailing is a detailing service, that services all of Tampa Bay and all surrounding areas. We deliver detailing services to all vehicles- Automobiles, Boats and RV’s. The results from our work can be:

Retina blistering shine! • Head turning, attention grabbing luster! • A car that stands out in any crowd!


Before we perform any job, we set the customer expectation so that way there is no room for disappointment.





Hi! My name is Caleb Laing, I am the owner/ operator of Reliable Detailing Tampa LLC. I am from a small town called Port Saint Lucie, Fl, which is on the east coast of Florida. I moved to Tampa to further my education at USF and then quickly transfer to Saint Petersburg College. After pursuing my career as a Logistic Specialist, I quickly realized how much I hated the career path. While I was working for Logistics company I found my passion, which was detailing. My father owns a repair shop over on the east coast of Florida called Total Car Repair. I always loved being around the vehicles, but I hated having the the oils and other fluids under my finger nails after every job. The alternative was washing cars; your hands tend to stay fairly clean. I went from washing cars to detailing cars, trucks, boats, and RV’s. I fell in love with the results that I accomplished on each vehicle once they were finished. Even till this day I am still excited to take an extremely dirty everyday car and transform back to its original showroom finish. Also, detailing exotic cars and having the opportunity to maintain its pristine finish is also extremely exciting.